Sense Perception


Oliver Sacks , a famous English physician professor and neurologist,OLIVER SACK he can’t recognize his own face in the mirror. Sacks has a form of Prosopagnosia, a neurological disorder that impairs a person’s ability to perceive or recognize faces. This happens because the specific area on his brain responsible for facial recognition is not functioning, in this case there’s nothing wrong with his vision, the sense is intact, the problem is with his perception when it comes to recognizing faces. Prosopagnosia is a good example to show that sensing and perceiving are connected but different.

( ^Sensation & Perception: Top-Down & Bottom-Up Processing by ByPass Publishing’s Difficult Topics Explained on Youtube )

Sensation is basically ‘the bottom-up process by which our senses, like vision, hearing and smell, receive and relay outside stimuli.’ While in the other hand perception is ‘the top-down way our brains organized and interpret that information and put it into a context.’ For example: probably in this moment the person reading this blog might be receiving light from their screen through their eyes, which would send the data of that sensation to their brain, perception meanwhile is their brain telling them what their seeing is a blog telling the difference between perception and sensation.

motion perception:                                                                       making senses through technology:

perception              Sin título

It is important to understand the difference between sense and perception in order to understand the definition of sense perception, which is ‘the process by which we can gain knowledge about the outside world’, and our senses are our primary way of interacting with the world.   Knowing clearly the definition and difference between these two concepts we can now answer the following question:

In your every day life, do you yourself use technology to improve how you see, hear, or use other senses?

5 senses    images (1)

   Technology has advanced with years and it has changed the way we live, communicate, travel, learn and also has influenced us in the way we see, hear, and use other senses. People nowadays have adapted to effective ways in which they can improve their senses through technology, becoming increasingly dependent on it. This dependency can be either negative or positive, but it depends on the point of view that is studied. Many people has claim that technology has brought a negative impact on society, but in areas such us knowledge and senses, technology has helped expand and improve our way of living.

      When talking about our senses, technology has influenced us in many great ways. In my life, I have always found myself using technology improving my senses, for example using headphones to listen quality sound has expand my hearing sense, the use of glasses for reading or contacts for further vision, binoculars, magnifying glass and even phone apps, improve and expand my visual sense. When chewing bubble gum, or flavored gummies or candies I can taste exotic flavors of fruits that are not found in my country, without having to taste them by travelling to the country and eating the actual fruit.

       For instance thanks to technology there are many devices, most of them designed for people who suffer from blindness, which allow them to carry out daily tasks with facility and comfort. Now individuals suffering from multiple disabilities have access to new technologies that can improve and change their quality of life. For example a blind mom that sees her baby for first time thanks to an eyewear device, that uses the nerves on the tongue’s surface of the patient that then sends light signals to the brain, partially restoring her vision allowing the person wearing the device to see details they never seen before, overcoming with her disability.

         Technology has clearly been used to better our senses, but also has help us grow, learn, and discover new things. Nowadays ‘technology has opened the door to so many outstanding opportunities and to our own knowledge, we can see the universe like never before, we can look at stars hundreds of light years away and at the same time look at cells that make up our bodies.’ We have a wider view of reality than we have ever had before, and this has forever changed the way we use our senses and experience our life.




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